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 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

 An inhabitant of the northern boreal forest, the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher's song is a brief and emphatic "che-lek" that sounds quite similar to the "che-bek" of its more widespread cousin, the Least Flycatcher.  This footage was gathered in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New in early June of 2010. The habitat was a boggy area dominated by Black Spruce and Tamarack.



 Acadian Flycatcher

 The Acadian Flycatcher is common in the eastern United States. It is the only breeding empidonax in the south eastern states. It is rare in the northern part of its range in southern Ontario where I am from.  It can be found in mature deciduous woodlands, in beech-maple groves, ravines, swampy woods.  It has olive upper parts with a white or grayish throat, grayish and white breast, yellowish belly and under tail. It has a distinct eye ring and distinct wing bars.  The song is a sharp explosive "peet-suh".


Also it has a rapid flicker-like "ti ti ti ti ti ti" which can be clearly heard at the beginning of this video  This video was taken at the Flint Ridge State Memorial near Newark, Ohio. It was a challenge to capture these clips as these birds are very small, making it very difficult to see them when they fly in the woods. Because of their overall quiet nature and drab color it makes them a rewarding capture.