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 How Smart Are Crows?

 Scientists are trying to understand the limits to the well-established intelligence of crows.



Secret Life of Crows

The Corvids are a large family composed of crows, Ravens, Jays, magpies,Jackdaws treepies, nutcrackers and choughs and others. They are considered the most intelligent of the birds, and among the most intelligent of all animals. Having demonstrated self awareness in mirror test's(European magpies) and tool making ability (crow's, rooks). The brain-to-body weight ratios of corvid brains are among the largest in birds, equal to that of, great apes and cetaceas, and only slightly lower than in a human. Their intelligence is boosted by the long growing period of the young. By remaining with the parents, the young have more opportunities to learn necessary skills. When compared to dogs and cats in an experiment testing the ability to seek out food according to three-dimensional clues, corvids out-performed the mammals.



Crows attacking people passing in the street of Sapporo Japan