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 American Robin - Mini-Documentary

 The American Robin is a symbol of spring. It is among the first North American birds to breed and lay eggs each year. And, the Robins song is one of the first heard early each morning.  Its orangish-red belly is a familiar site in North America. The robin is active during the day, hopping across lawns searching for worms, which it hunts visually pouncing on them and then pulling them up.  


The Robin eats other invertebrates, such as beetles, grubs and caterpillars, but fruits and berries also make a significant portion of its diet.  It is named after the European Robin because of its bright red chest, but the two birds are not closely related.


The American Robins habitat crosses North America from Canada to Mexico with most robins migrating south during the winter.  Young chicks are altricial which means they are very dependent on their parents. Only 25% will survive their first year. The average lifespan is two years.  The American Robin is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin."



 Raising a baby robin



 Robin Bird Nest Eggs Hatched and Baby Starlings On Front Porch Father Visits and Feeds .